How many push-ups should I do every day to have a well-built chest within six months?
Arnold Pereira
works at CRISIL

131w ago

That depends on what you mean by well built. Please do an equal amount of back exercises like rows. And variations of push ups. Try doing pull ups and chin ups(Works out upper body and core) Yeah, your pecs are show muscles but your back is as important

EDIT: I watched this video earlier this morning and thought how perfect this chest workout since there are many variations (you're also working out your biceps and triceps) The pectoralis major is a fan shaped muscle, so you'll need variations like incline-decline.
Happy Shredding!

Shashank Gupta
Student at Delhi university, Fitness enthusiast and hungry for knowledge

131w ago

First of all you should know that just focusing on chest muscles will turn your shoulders towards the front and thus the shoulder width would decrease so you must do adequate amount of back exercises as they keep your shoulders wide open and maintain better posture so that your chest is flaunted the way you want it to. Now taking about pushups, brother doing pushups on floor won't give you enough depth for a better split between pecs so I would suggest you to get pushup bars for better and comparatively quicker results.
For upper chest put your legs on a higher platform and hands on the ground, the higher the platform the more tension is developed and stronger you become. So do around 30 pushups in two sets (I.e. 15 each) .Now for mid region normal 40 pushups is good enough (20 in each set). Then comes the lower pecs which need max. Attention or else your pecs will look like boobs. So dips is the most effective way or keep your hands close to abdomen and then do pushups.
    You  must do 20 pullups at least and gradually increase . Remember  that don't just workout with a  number in your mind and workout till failure. Now get going you have a lot to do.

Sameer Sebastian
Software Engineer

131w ago

Start slowly. Do the following types of push ups daily without fail for a month and then do them on alternate days:
1. Inclined push ups
2. Normal push ups
3. Wide handed push ups
4. Wide handed inclined push ups

Number of push ups:
1st week : 3 x 5
2nd week : 3 x 10
4th week : 3 x 20

After this you can gradually increase the frequency as per your stamina growth.

Make sure to do push ups on alternate days after a month. On the days you don't do push ups you can work on your biceps, triceps, thighs and calves.

Additional perks you get when you do push ups:
1. Deltoid formation
2. Shoulder cuts
3. Lower back strengthens
4. Triceps development.

During initial days live through the pain.

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Omkar Devasthali
like Woking out

131w ago

Thanks for A2A.
You should follow proper workout plan rather than concentrating on only single excersize coz it will help you build muscles all over your body. For chest particularly do push ups like 3 sets of 15 reps per day and go on increasing as per your stamina. Do bar lifting also which will help build all of the various chest muscles. In bar lifting do, straight, inclined, declined all of them.
Happy lifting!

Joa Mon

131w ago

There is no assurance that a certain number of push ups would give an individual a well built chest because work out alone is not a contributing factor not to mention type and frequency of the push ups. There are several other parameter like current built, diet, age, genetics etc as well.

Please consult a professional/certified trainer to have your query addressed.

Sunil Gill
I'm a fitness enthusiast and loves to lift :D

131w ago

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