Texas woman delivers baby girl by candlelight during tornado

Photo: The Bump Birthing Centre / Facebook
Photo: The Bump Birthing Centre / Facebook 

As a powerful tornado raged outside a birth centre in Texas this week, a baby girl was safely delivered by candlelight in the facility's laundry room, prompting people to suggest that Stormy would be an apt baby name.

The unnamed woman was pictured beaming with joy shortly after the birth of her baby beside the washing machines at the Bump Birthing Centre in Dallas.

The centre posted the photo, along with one of the terrifying tornado, which saw 16 counties in the state of Texas declared disaster zones on Sunday.

"Baby girl born in our laundry room with the tornado sirens going off, a tornado on the ground half a mile away, and no electricity.....by candle light!! Welcome to the world beauty!" the centre wrote alongside the photos on Facebook with the hashtags #tornado #crazymidwifelife #laundryroomdelivery #wereallsafe #godisgood.

Of course, the baby name suggestions came flooding in, with commenters suggesting Stormy, Rainey, Siren, Rainbow, Dorothy, Autumn, Reign and Tempest for the baby girl.

"Oh man, what a warrior Mama! I'd be so tempted to use Tempest or Storm as a middle name."

"Did they name her Siren? Because that would be epic."

"Name should be RAINBOW 🌈 a blessing after the storm."

Then there was this suggestion.

"L'aundry Stormy or L'aundry Siren will be beautiful name for baby girl."

Kasie McElhaney, owner of the birth centre and the midwife who delivered the baby, was inundated with concern for her wellbeing by friends after the tornado.

"We're ok. Just delivered a baby in the laundry room, with tornado sirens going off, and no electricity.....by candle light," she replied on Facebook.

Bravo to both Kasie and the new mum, who each pulled off an awesome feat.

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